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Welcome to Krystallos!

     K R Y S T A L L O S  is the ancient Greek word for "Crystal".  This new website provides excellent mineral and crystal specimens for rock and mineral enthusiasts from all over the world. As you make your way through the Crystal Galleries you may find that unique specimen to enhance your own collection or purchase that special piece for someone else.

     All of the photographed specimens depicted are much better in person and hopefully you will not dissappointed with the quality as portrayed. 

     The collecting instinct is extremely difficult to deny within us. We all share various degrees of its spirit and charm. It is "the epitome of Man's curiosity coupled with a territorial need, a recognition and respect for the artful beauty of nature, and an instinctive desire to compete, explore, learn, possess … Mineral collecting is, in a very real sense, a recognition and expression of art ( Bob Jones -- Cited in The F. John Barlow Collection)."

     Beautiful crystals and minerals are truly natural art created by Mother Nature in the most fascinating ways. Frank C. Hawthorne, a world-renown mineralogist at the University of Manitoba, Canada speaks to this so clearly:

Fascination with art seems an intrinsic property of the human psyche … the early development of humanity is intrinsically associated with the recognition and use of minerals…Since crystals have long been recognized as one of nature's great art forms, it is only natural that we are  attracted to them and may ultimately want to possess them ... Little wonder then,that people of  all ages and backgrounds collect minerals!  Even for non-collectors,minerals hold fascination; this is easily revealed if you spend time in a museum observing the public as they view nature's inorganic flowers (The Canadian Mineralogist).

     K R Y S T A L L O S  was created with these factors in mind. It addresses this intrinsic curiosity in  collectors and caters to their ever increasing tastes for interesting and aesthetically pleasing specimens. It offers rock and mineral enthusiasts that one-of-a-kind earth find that they can take pride in owning, studying, and displaying.

Feel free to explore this site and view the worldwide assortment of quality mineral and crystal specimens.

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